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THE BIG PICTURE is seminal events that created changed, sparked movements, and influenced the course of events that followed. It is top-notch history in bite-sized portions—edgy and inspiring and created for today's most critical audiences.

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The Korean War Redux: Hot Front in a Cold War

June 1950: The Korean War Communist forces of North Korea ignited the Korean War in June 1950 by invading South Korea across the 38th parallel. The attack escalated the Cold War. It challenged the United States and its Western Allies. And it tested the resolve of the newly formed United Nations. The subsequent war was a

Wilson’s Fourteen Points – The Big Picture

“God gave us the Ten Commandments, and we broke them. Wilson gives us the Fourteen Points. We shall see.” — Georges Clemenceau Woodrow Wilson and his historic Fourteen Points are highlighted in the latest installment of Media Rich Learning’s  video collection, THE BIG PICTURE. The Fourteen Points outlined the president’s vision for a post-war order that

Black History for Every Month

Every month is Black History Month in the Streaming Room™. Now we’ve made it easier to find content that is relevant to African-American history and culture. Black History for Every Month provides quick access to both standards-based and background-building video and audio segments. You’ll find content related to Rosa Parks, Dr. King, and other Civil Rights

What is the Big Picture?

Media Rich Learning very excited to announce the first release in our new video collection, THE BIG PICTURE. What is THE BIG PICTURE? It is the broad view of history—seminal moments that created change, sparked movements, and influenced the course of events. THE BIG PICTURE offers top-notch history in bite-sized portions—informative and inspiring and created

Coming Soon: The Big Picture

Media Rich Learning is very excited to announce an all new history compilation, coming in February 2018. The Big Picture is a serial collection of video segments that explain history’s milestone events in a classroom-friendly and thoroughly engaging manner. Stay tuned for the debut release—chronicling milestone events in the Civil Rights Movement.

The Embargo Act of 1807 – On a Path Toward War

The Embargo Act of 1807 – On the Path Toward War To many Americans, the Embargo Act seemed like a hair-brained idea, if ever there was one. On December 17, 1807, Napoleon Bonaparte issued the Milan Decree in answer to the British orders in council of November 11. The countermeasure ruled that all ships obeying

Growth of a Nation, Interactive Timelines, and More.

What’s New? Growth of a Nation, Interactive Timelines, and More. We’re here to help you get the most our of your Streaming Room™ membership. There’s lots of premium content to explore. Here are a few highlights from our members-only collection. Growth of a Nation Growth of a Nation is Media Rich Learning’s latest standards-based video

Official Launch – plus Years of Lightning, Lexicon, and Biographica

What’s New? Official Launch, Years of Lightning, Lexicon and Biographica Official Launch The new Streaming Room™ has been online for a few months now, but December 1st is our “official” launch date. That’s the sunset date for mediarichlearning.TV, too. After that, all accounts will redirect to the new site. For most users, it should be

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