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September 25, 1919: Woodrow Wilson Incapacitated

A colorized photograph of an old and frail President Woodrow Wilson, covered in a blanket, riding in a vehicle.

#OTD20 | September 25, 1919 Woodrow Wilson’s Debilitating Stroke: A Secret Crisis in American Governance September 25, 1919: President Woodrow Wilson collapses while in Colorado, rallying public support for the League of Nations. The president is rushed back to Washington. One week later he suffers a crippling stroke that leaves him incapacitated for weeks. For

Andrew Mellon: The Man Behind America’s Financial Landscape

Head and torso photo of Andrew Mellon leaning against the rail of a ship deck

Andrew Mellon: The Man Behind America’s Financial Landscape Andrew Mellon Andrew Mellon was a promient… financier, philanthropist, and politician who wielded immense influence over the United States’ financial and cultural landscapes. His story is one of success, innovation, but also of controversies that continue to fuel debates to this day. Early Life and Rise to Prominence