Learn the history behind the great 20th century confrontation

Russian aggression. Trouble on the Korean peninsula. The nuclear arms race. A new "president for life" in China. Spy drama. Cold War intrigue. They say if you wait long enough, everything comes back into fashion. As it goes with bell bottoms and Nehru jackets, so it goes with geopolitics.

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History Behind the Headlines: Cold War

Cold War I holds key to understanding challenges of new era

Learn the HISTORY BEHIND THE HEADLINES in the feature-length documentary, COLD WAR. From the Bolshevik Revolution through the fall of the Evil Empire—across five continents and eight decades—the program chronicles the figures and events that shaped the explosive rivalry: the Berlin blockade and airlift, policy of containment, Marshall Plan, rise of communist China, Korean War, McCarthyism, Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and much more. It's a geopolitical tour de force that unearths the facts and informs the pressing debates of the 21st century.

The COLD WAR is presented in eleven dramatic acts—more than 130 minutes in all—chronicling the period 1917 - 1991.

From World War to Cold War
Chapter 1 – From World War to Cold War
Chapter 2 – Containment
Red Star Rising
Chapter 3 – Red Star Rising
Reds Under the Bed
Chapter 4 – Reds Under the Bed
Confrontation or Coexistence
Chapter 5 – Confrontation or Coexistence
Cracks in the Curtain
Chapter 6 – Cracks in the Curtain
Third World Wars
Chapter 7 – Third World Wars
Kennedy and Crises
Chapter 8 – Kennedy and Crises
Chapter 9 – Detente´
The Evil Empire
Chapter 10 – The Evil Empire
The Wall
Chapter 11 – The Wall

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