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Bert the Turtle

Bert the Turtle from the Civil Defense film "Duck and Cover"

Bert the Turtle WHO HE WAS: Bert the Turtle is an iconic cartoon character from the American Civil Defense film “Duck and Cover,” produced during the Cold War era. He was created to educate children and the general public about safety measures to take during a nuclear attack. WHAT HE SAID: While Bert the Turtle

Marshall Plan

A stylized drawing of large scissors cutting through barbed wire. The scissors, colored in red and blue, bear the text "Marshall Hjälpen" (Marshall Plan).

Marshall Plan Speech In the immediate post-World War II period, Europe remained ravaged by war and thus susceptible to exploitation by both internal and external communist threats. In a June 5, 1947, speech to the graduating class at Harvard University, Secretary of State George C. Marshall issued a call for a comprehensive program to rebuild