History Behind the Headlines

History Behind the Headlines

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The Negro Leagues from THE BIG PICTURE

March 27, 2018
THE BIG PICTURE | The Negro Leagues

Long before Jackie Robinson button-up his Dodger blues, baseball’s historic Negro Leagues was thrilling fans and breaking down barriers to racial integration. Celebrate the opening of MLB’s 2018 season with this inspiring selection from our video collection, THE BIG PICTURE!           Would you like unrestricted access to our full catalog? Streaming Room™ members enjoy global access to to our entire collection of award-winning video programs—and we offer flexible subscription plans to fit any budget. Check it out now. Join the Streaming Room™          

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Cold War: History’s Most Explosive Rivalry

March 20, 2018
Cold War hydrogen bomb test

Learn the history behind the great 20th century confrontation Russian aggression. Trouble on the Korean peninsula. The nuclear arms race. A new “president for life” in China. Spy drama. Cold War intrigue. They say if you wait long enough, everything comes back into fashion. As it goes with bell bottoms and Nehru jackets, so it goes with geopolitics. WATCH IT NOW – 48-hour pay-per-view | $6.99 Already rented the program? Follow this link to the Streaming Room™. History Behind the Headlines: Cold War Cold War I holds key to understanding challenges of new era Learn the HISTORY BEHIND THE HEADLINES

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The Korean War Redux: Hot Front in a Cold War

March 12, 2018
Korean War: 3rd platoon of D Co, 2nd Bn, 5th marines muster

June 1950: The Korean War Communist forces of North Korea ignited the Korean War in June 1950 by invading South Korea across the 38th parallel. The attack escalated the Cold War. It challenged the United States and its Western Allies. And it tested the resolve of the newly formed United Nations. The subsequent war was a brutal one.It was a “meat grinder,” in the words of author David Halberstam. As a result, more than 2 million Koreans died. Countless thousands of families were separated. The armistice that ended the hostilities created the world’s most heavily fortified border and left a legacy

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Happy Presidents’ Day George and Abe (and Harry, James, John, and all the rest of you, too.)

February 19, 2018
Edward Savage - The Washington Family

With all due respect to presidents Washington and Lincoln, perhaps this Uniform Monday Holiday should be a day to remember all our chief executives—the great, the not-so-great, and the middling? After all, who needs a holiday to remember George and Abe? Perhaps, we should commemorate Handsome Frank or Old Rough and Ready—those guys could use some love. In all seriousness, with the exception of our first five and last five presidents (and a few notable and notorious ones in between) Americans have a hard time recalling the men who sat in the Oval Office.  We’ve documented more than a few

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Looking Back at the Fourteen Points

February 8, 2018
Woodrow Wilson Fourteen Points Address to Congress

One century ago, on January 8, 1918, President Woodrow Wilson stood before a joint session of Congress to outline his “Fourteen Points” for a postwar peace. Nine months before, the United States had entered World War I, despite the president’s great efforts to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict. In his address, Wilson presented a vision of a new world order based on law, equality and what became the League of Nations. At just over twelve hundred words, it was short by presidential standards, but it changed the world. Eight of Wilson’s points addressed territorial issues; the six others spoke

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John Doar – Bending Toward Justice

December 15, 2017
Barack Obama, John Michael Doar

John Doar died on November 1, 2014. He was 92 and, by all accounts, led a long and fulfilling life. When I heard the news, I made a note in my calendar so I would remember him each year. Too often, folks pass on and fade from memory. That’s doubly true for people we don’t know and have never met. People like John Doar. “Mississippi Burning” from Media Rich Learning’s The Civil Rights Movement. To screen the entire high-resolution video, access the Streaming Room™. I’ve referred to Doar as the Forest Gump of the Civil Rights Movement. In his capacities

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