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Official Launch, Years of Lightning, Lexicon and Biographica

Official Launch

The new Streaming Room™ has been online for a few months now, but December 1st is our "official" launch date. That's the sunset date for mediarichlearning.TV, too. After that, all accounts will redirect to the new site. For most users, it should be a seamless transition. If not, we're here to help. Just contact us and we'll assist however we can.

Years of Lightning, Day of Drums

President John F. Kennedy

We're very excited to present the remarkable (and extraordinarily rare) documentary, Years of Lightning, Day of Drums. The film was produced by the United States Information Agency following President John F. Kennedy's death. It was meant as a tribute to the fallen president but also to fortify his legacy around the world. In fact, domestic release of USIA films was unlawful. Congress made a special exception for this documentary.

The film chronicles the six faces of Kennedy's New Frontier: Peace Corps, Alliance for Progress, Civil Rights, Space Exploration, Freedom, and Peace.

This is a great opportunity to expose your students to this important and revealing secondary resource. It reflects the obvious biases of JFK's family and closest allies. At the same time, it's fascinating to witness this immediate measure to cement the legend of Camelot.

This members-only film can be screened here or by scrolling down to OTHER PROGRAMS on the Streaming Room™ home page.


The Streaming Room™ features a new integrated Lexicon that includes vocabulary words from all our programs plus additional words and language to familiarize students with unfamiliar terms.

The Lexicon can be accessed in two ways. First, there is a master list that is universally accessible to members and guests. Second, each program has its own content-specific lexicon. These are accessible from each program's Streaming Room™ home page. For example, the Civil Rights Movement lexicon can be found here.

Finally, as you navigate our website, you'll notice certain terms are underscored. Hover over these words and you'll see a concise definition.

Constructing the Lexicon is an ongoing project, so you'll see updates as we continue our work.


Biographica is a biographical dictionary highlighting the individuals and groups who have had a hand in shaping history. You can access the global Biographica here—or program-specific lists from each program's Streaming Room™ home page.

Biographical is a robust and intriguing resource and we're excited to see it evolve.